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Before You Get into the Online Gambling World They say «Poker is a game of skill.» What they don’t say is that poker is also a game of aristocracy and polished elegance. It’s a game where only the blue-blooded persons in town were allowed to take part only. Now, although common citizenry have constituted the biggest part of this gambling world, the etiquette quotient is still strictly followed. From casinos to card club, most of the gambling points have their own list of casino or poker etiquettes which they often put in front of common eyes.

This post is for those who are not yet quite accustomed with the common casino rules (mostly behavioral) or poker etiquette.

1) Food and Mobile Phone on Table: Using smartphones while playing cards is a sign of a bad etiquette. Try not to use mobile phone as it distracts the mind of all the players present at your table. Some of the poker clubs have already banned the use of cell phone inside poker club. In the same way, while playing long poker session, you may need to fill up your empty stomach. But don’t bring food in the table, rather go outside and finish your meal in a cafeteria peacefully. Don’t showcase yourself as a person with no sense of poker etiquette.

2) Slowrolling is bad: ‘Slowrolling’ is regarded as one of the most objected activity; hence it became a point which is mentioned in almost all the casino rules across the globe. Suppose you are confident that you have got the best hand this time and no one can beat you down in this game. But when it comes to show down your cards, you are behaving like a Hitchcock thriller’s protagonist. Now, this is bad poker etiquette. Don’t take unusually longer time just because you want to build up suspense. You will end up frustrating your opponents.

3) Show one, show all: Some of the poker players have a tendency to show a winning hand to the players sitting beside them. Now, this can be annoying for the other players as they are also a part of the game and you cannot rule them out. Hence according to the prevailing casino rules, «Show one, show all.»

4) Restrain yourself from commenting about a hand you are not playing: Another annoying act is throwing subtle comments in the air from behind the players when a game is on. You may be thinking that no one will understand the hint or the subtle tone of humor. But you are wrong. Your comments may manipulate the course of action. Hence try to follow this particular poker etiquette.

5) Don’t lose your temper under any circumstances: If you go by common casino rules, you are not supposed to lose your temper under any given circumstances. No matter how worst your loss is, don’t spit out the anger at the table. Calm down, get out of the casino and take a deep breathe.

6) Don’t delay a game intentionally: When you know your hands or your next moves then just don’t delay the game intentionally. This is bad poker etiquette. Play out your hand as soon as you have planned your next hand.

7) Don’t scream profanity at other players: Using abusive language against your opponents after a miserable defeat is a sign of bad mannerism. Don’t hurl abuses, accept your luck and respect the sportsmanship spirit.

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