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Are some people just luckier than others?

We’ve all heard the old saying that lighting doesn’t strike twice in the same spot, but then we hear of it happening. The same is true of luck. Some people just seem to have more luck than others when it comes to games of chance and it makes you stop and wonder why. Although it doesn’t happen every day, there are people who have won the lottery more than one time and it can cause you to stop and scratch your head. Many people have different ideas about why people are lucky and some just don’t try to explain it. Some of the thoughts behind luck include those here.

Many people believe that your birthday plays a role in your luck in life.

They use different things when determining this, some people go by the horoscope sign only and others use numerology which takes into consideration all the aspects of your birth, down to the time of day. You can take this to the ultimate level and even find out what phase the moon was in when you were born, along with historical events that might have occurred during that time and the exact day of the week you were born.

The alignment of the stars when you are born is also considered by some people to determine your luck. You can use historical data found on the Internet to help you find out these things and thus determine what your lucky numbers are and more.

Many people believe that if you have a good attitude and are always looking for the bright side that you will bring good luck to yourself.

This could very well be a catalyst for helping you have better fortune in life; it is hard to say if this works for games of chance but it definitely can’t hurt you in the overall scheme of things. If it works out that a good attitude improves your luck, you have not only improved your overall scheme of things but you got some luck out of it as well.

The bottom line is simply luck is luck and you can’t control it and there is no scientific way to measure whether or not you can actually have more luck based on certain birthdays or star alignments. Today may be your lucky day and tomorrow may be someone else’s, you simply don’t know.

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